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Your Pet’s New Best Friend

Our Story

All pet parents feel guilty when they’re walking out of the door without their little furry friend. It’s difficult to have someone always keep an eye on your pet whenever you’re running an errand or away from home.
The constant worrying about their safety and comfort is resolved with acquiring the Tuti Robo - your pet’s new best friend and caretaker. Tuti Robo will give you peace of mind knowing your pet is attended while you are away or busy working in your home office.
Let Tuti become your eyes and ears so that you’re aware of all the wild tricks your furry loved one is up to while you’re away from home. Just use your smartphone to watch, interact, and feed your pet anytime, anywhere in the world so that your pet never feels alone or unloved.



With Tuti’s HD camera, take photos, record videos, and watch what your pet’s up to via live stream.

pet locator

Engage, interact, and play with your pet anytime, anywhere by connecting to Wi-Fi.

Laser Pointer

Have fun with your pet and keep it engaged by moving the laser pointer around through Tuti’s app.

Treat Dispenser

Dispense your pet’s favorite dry treats through Tuti’s app whenever it gets hungry.

We’re better together

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